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We have really enjoyed meeting so many families at our recent Open Evenings and are delighted with the positive feedback we are continually receiving. If you were unable to attend you can view the presentations on the right.

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The closing date to apply for a Year 7 place was Thursday 31st October 2013. If you have applied for a place and haven’t received an acknowledgement please send an email to  information@SASHeducation.co.uk including your child’s name and date of birth.



The Department for Education, the Education Funding Agency and Slough Borough Council are working very closely together to secure the most appropriate site option for the school, which includes the one we have been actively pursuing since we put the application for the free school together. Considerable progress has been made over the summer, and Lord Nash visited Slough to see some of the potential free school sites for himself.

We will update the website and inform all those on our mailing list as soon as we have further news.



We are at the ‘pre-opening stage’  and the process is forging ahead with the Headteachers in discussion with the Department for Education to develop the plans to open this new school. 

To register your support or to ask to be kept updated please go to the Register Your Interest page or contact us by email on information@SASHeducation.co.uk.

We will keep this website updated as plans develop so do watch this space!



The Headteachers of all thirteen secondary schools in Slough, both all ability and grammar, are working together to set up the free school, bringing together all that is best in education in Slough.

A free school is an all-ability state-funded school set up in response to what local people say they want and need in order to improve education for children in their community.

The SASH School will provide an innovative curriculum responsive to the employment needs of the business community and play an important part in local regeneration.

There is a real need for extra secondary school places in the area over the next ten years. The existing secondary schools will not be able to provide enough additional places. The SASH School, when full, will provide an extra 900 secondary school places plus a sixth form. The school will include a facility for young people who need additional support learning.

Admissions Policy 2014: click here to view / right click to download.

SASH Admissions Policy 2014